Smilen Eyewear
385 Pearsall Avenue
Cedarhurst, NY 11516

E: [email protected]

TEL: 516.371.0656
FAX: 516.371.0836

(Outside NY) TEL: 800.887.5675
(Outside NY) FAX: 888.556.3623

Scott Smilen, CEO: 516-371-0656 ext 101, [email protected]
Zach Smilen, Vice President: 516-371-0656 ext 103, [email protected]
Sandra Rojas, International Sales Consultant: 516-371-0656, ext 105, [email protected] .
Frank Kaye, Sales Consultant: 516-371-0656 ext 102 - cell 516-317-6577, [email protected]
Catalina Mendieta, Accounting: 516-371-0656 ext 105

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